The École TSE is the University of Toulouse 1 Capitole’s teaching faculty in the field of economics. The École offers world-class undergraduate and graduate programmes, delivered by members of Toulouse School of Economics, one of the best economics departments in the world (ranked 10th worldwide by REPEC), and a distinguished and thriving environment for research and study. 

A school of economics within the University of Toulouse

TSE boasts firmly established foundations in many different areas of economics, and its 160 members are recognized as international leaders in their different fields. The faculty is committed to transferring cutting-edge multidisciplinary knowledge to the students, whether it be in economics of markets and organisations, financial markets and intermediaries, development, environmental or behavioural economics, statistics and econometrics, and much more.

The different fields are taught within a choice of three mains options: economics, economics and law or economics and mathematics, from the junior bachelor years to the Masters degree:

  • A two-year preparatory program (1st and 2nd Bachelor years) dedicated to acquiring the academic fundamentals and methodologies, with a strong emphasis on tutored work.
  • The Masters programme plays a central role in the TSE programme. After a 1st year common to all students, the degree offers several options:
    - The international track Masters degree entirely taught in English 
    - The standard track Masters degree partially taught in French
    - The research option – leading into the doctoral programme, with rigorous preparatory courses beginning from the 2nd year of the Masters.
  • The Doctoral school is modelled on the top American universities. After the dedicated preparatory 2nd year of the Masters’ degree, the PhD candidates follow a 2nd year of advanced, specialized courses before carrying out 3 years of full time research alongside the TSE faculty members.

Throughout each and every programme, the school aims to provide high-quality, personalized guidance for all students, via interactive learning, tutor sessions, problem-based group work, experimental economics, etc.
The school also aims to round off the student’s education via close links with industry, thanks to the strong relationships developed by the TSE researchers over the past 30 years with public and private economic actors. These partnerships contribute to the school’s professional network, facilitating work experience, and helping the students and alumni to make the best start in their career.
An important element of the Ecole TSE’s philosophy is the notion of community; the school belongs to the students, and they play an active role in their own education through, for example, feedback they can give to others on internship experiences, involvement in the junior enterprise, or activities with the student association. Similarly, our alumni network strives to create strong networks for the past, present and future students of our Ecole.

Some figures…

Each academic year, we welcomedover 2,000 students including 700 foreign students.
- 80 different nationalities
- 160 professors
- 100 PhD students
- More than 1,500 graduates

About Toulouse 1 Capitole university

The Toulouse 1 Capitole University originates from the canon law faculty created in 1229. With a widely acknowledged long tradition in the fields of Law and Political Sciences, it diversified its research and teaching from the 1960s onwards by developing high-level teams in economics and management. UT1 hosts some of the leading European centers for research and education. The University of Toulouse 1 Capitole is one of the six founding members of the Toulouse University PRES (Research and Higher Education Cluster), which provides a network of resources, allowing the UT1 to share the many benefits of Toulouse with its students.